Understanding the goals
and how to deliver them.


Poole Bellows Consulting provides corporate communications and issues management to support organizations’ business goals, including a continuum of services from planning and managing communications programs to delivering specific tools such as speeches, presentations, newsletters, fact sheets, open house materials, advertising copy, video scripts, and web and social media content.

Whether you need strategic input to round out your perspective or additional horsepower to deliver your existing plans, we bring a combined 40 years of well-rounded experience to make it happen.

Poole Bellows Consulting works with clients to understand the unique perspectives of those groups who are impacted by—and have influence over—their organization. Once those dynamics are clear and further research and analysis are conducted, we develop a strategy that makes sense. Delivering a compelling, easy-to-understand narrative about complex matters—with pauses to listen and adjust—brings results.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Issues management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Executive counsel
  • Internal communications
  • Media relations and training
  • Investor communications
  • Crisis communications
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Key message development
  • Writing clearly and persuasively, translating complex subjects into plain language


Policy & Regulatory

The policy and regulatory context is unique for both the governments and agencies that set the framework and the industry players that must operate within it. Poole Bellows Consulting has a blend of communications expertise with a deep understanding of the energy policy and regulatory context, including hands-on experience in regulatory development and operations.

Communicating about regulated and regulatory activities is critical to stakeholders having confidence in the sectors that impact them. We provide  expert advice on how to navigate complex and sensitive issues, strategic decision-making, communication approaches, and stakeholder engagement.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Engaging stakeholders regarding project applications and compliance
  • Communicating regulatory approaches and supporting rationale, including the role of the regulator, regulatory design and industry perspectives
  • Creating strategies that support a strong organizational reputation in a regulatory context
  • Facilitating discussions about regulatory issues
  • Developing training materials for regulatory practitioners
  • Writing clearly and persuasively, translating complex subjects into plain language